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Download Game MotoGP 3 URT Mod 2012 - International Version


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Project Started : 4 October 2012
Project Finished : 21 October 2012
Project Team member : JeffHorus, Ufo32, Adrian_Melandri (regular mod), Sonny Sebastian (extreme mod, update)
Installation :
1. Run "motogp3 mod 2012 v1.exe"
2. Click accept
3. Enter the address of the MotoGP3 URT installation directory/folder
4. Click Install/OK
5. Use the original motogp.exe and it's shortcuts to run this mod

compressed in windows XP, if you get problem with the installation, try to change compability mode to Win XP.

Credits :
1. JeffHorus, Ufo32
2. Varios artist of wxatgp500.co.uk (Aitor, Wxat, etc.)
3. Aernouts, Perfectionist, Arles, Luigi who gave me all the necessary tools
4. GlowWorm who made the tools
5. All the REG forum member ( http://REG.bpmstudios.com )
6. wxat forum


the INDONESIAn version of this mod will be released soon
special for MotoGP3 URT Championship Indonesa

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